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Jumpstart Your Community Service (Fall 2022)

I chose to donate to the American Kidney Association because I lost my aunt to kidney failure in 2015. Me donating to this cause helps me know that I am helping somebody out in the world. Even if it is just a little bit

Gave 20.00 hours between 07/24/2022 and 08/14/2022
Secure Your Fall 2022 Semester  | 2 hours each (Up to 6 hours total)

I was able to register for my fall classes and complete my fasfa for the following semester. As well as apply for housing. This helps me because it makes me feel secure in the next semester

Gave 8.00 hours between 04/12/2022 and 04/13/2022
Be The Beat... Save A Life: American Heart Association | $5 for 5 hours

Today I donated $5 for the Be the Beat: Save a Life American Heart Association. I’m glad I participated because it helped me help somebody else who I don’t know.

Gave 5.00 hours between 02/28/2022 and 04/03/2022
Spring 2022 Stay Connected: Join Panther X | (2 hours)

I joined Panther-X to stay connected with all things Claflin. I enjoy using this app because it helps me stay connected not only to my school, but to my peers as well.

Gave 2.00 hours between 01/26/2022 and 04/13/2022
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