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    ACt Honors College - Other Approved Assignments (Spring 2022)

    It was a terrific community service event for me to volunteer at the Orangeburg Community Summit. I assisted in the event setup and served meals to the participants. I also had the chance to hear a lot of wonderful information from a variety of speakers, and we talked a lot about how to improve Orangeburg in a variety of ways, particularly for the children. The event's coordinator can be reached at mhubbard@claflin.edu.

    Gave 7.00 hours on 04/16/2022
    ACT Honors College - Fireside Chat | Up to 7 Hours

    Watching Congressman Ro Khanna and Dr. Warmack have important conversations like student debt forgiveness, climate change, and diversity in the tech industry has opened my eyes to these different topics that were being discussed. Congressman Ro Khanna was an enjoyable speaker that seems to have the best interest of the people in mind and I appreciate it. I will definitely be reading his book this summer.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 04/11/2022

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    Get Ahead: Apply for UNCF Scholarship (Spring 2022) | 4 hours

    I applied for three UNCF scholarships, all of which involved STEM and were only loosely related to the job path I wish to pursue. Two of the UNCF scholarships I applied for were awarded to me this school year, and they have been a huge assistance to me. UNCF has always helped me stay on track financially during my undergraduate studies.

    Gave 4.00 hours between 01/31/2022 and 02/22/2022 with ACT Honors College
    Stay Connected: Join Panther X (ACT HONORS) | (2 hours)

    The Panther x app is very well designed and intuitive for a majority of people. Despite me living on campus for a while I often find myself lost and the campus map saves me from having to use google map. I love this app I will definitely keep using it during my time as a student.

    Gave 2.00 hours between 01/24/2022 and 01/26/2022
    Homecoming Setup (Honors College)

    Despite the fact I was there for hours doing manual labor I had fun helping set up for homecoming. We did some hard work that required us to hook and unhook leaf decorations to cover the gym wall. I am still sore from all of the moving around I did yesterday but it was still fun.

    Gave 15.00 hours between 11/14/2021 and 11/18/2021

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