Claflin University

Brenay Howard

I volunteered at the Orangeburg Community Summit and it was great community service event. I helped set up for the event and serve food to the attendees. I also had the opportunity to hear a lot of great information from the speakers. The email for the coordinator of this event is

Gave 7.00 hours on 04/15/2022
Kaelyn Singleton

I helped Mrs.Green with paperwork. I helped her by getting rid of the old and reorganizing the new paperwork. I did this over a two day period and earned five hours for each day.

Gave 10.00 hours on 04/14/2022
Kylon Watson

Over the past 2 months, I have been assisting with St. Thomas More Middle School's "Design your HBCU project". The project allows students to create their own HBCUs through coding. I have been assisting with the songwriting portion of the project.

Gave 20.00 hours on 04/14/2022
Gerald Edmunds

For this event, I provided three books. This event was pretty straightforward, but I enjoy giving back.

Gave 9.00 hours on 04/14/2022
Ja'Maiya Strait
Jynesis Lee

As suggested by the university, I enrolled in Telehealth. Although I have yet to utilize the platform and hopefully won't at all, I feel as if it is very beneficial to have precautionary measures. I hope all of my peers take advantage of the space.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/14/2022
Jynesis Lee

Although I am not a member of Plus Positive yet, I felt the need to contribute to the cause. I donated 10 items which were school supplies and sweets for the Robert E. Howard Middle School students. I know that they were grateful and I look forward to donating more in the future.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/14/2022
Gerald Edmunds

I provided three hot wheel toys that kids love. When I was younger I used to play with those, so I hope this makes a kids’ day.

Gave 9.00 hours on 04/13/2022
Makayla Powe

I had the opportunity to donate items for the Big sister/Little sister event at Robert E. Howard middle school. I always love the idea of giving back! So glad of this opportunity.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/13/2022
Bre'Ashia middleton

I donated 10 women's hygiene products for the women's drive. I think this donation drive is very important because it helps women in need maintain their health. I have seen many donation drives for veterans, children, and low-income families but I have not many centered around women, especially African American women.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/13/2022

Private user @ Secure your Future Spring 2022

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/13/2022
Nicholas Dash

The PantherX app allows students to stay connected and remain informed about activities that occur on campus. I believe this app was a great addition to student engagement.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/13/2022 with Claflin University Class of 2022
JaKaiya Strait