Claflin University

Faithe Stallings

Early Jumpstart to Community Service provides 40 hours for donation to chosen event. Donated 40 dollars to Pack a Snack Foundation in order to make a difference within the community, providing food for locals children.

Gave 40.00 hours between 07/07/2020 and 07/31/2020 with The One Orangeburg County Team
Antonio Rutledge

My main reason for choosing to donate to this particular organization is that everybody regardless of race, creed, ideology, or social/financial standing should be able to at least have some kind of food to eat. No one deserves to go hungry.

Made an impact on 07/07/2020
Daje Bartley

Today, I had the opportunity to contribute to a large impacted group known as Black Lives Matter. I hope with everything going on in today's society, that my donation contributes in a big way. Allowing, us as African Americans to come together as a whole and work together.

Donated $40 on 07/07/2020
tiashia smith

I am very happy to contribute to these amazing organizations that are creating such a affect on the community.

Donated $40 on 07/06/2020
Nia Curry

I donated to Black Lives Matter for the second time, this time with my biggest contribution. It makes me so happy to know that I can have a place in the fight for change financially. I look forward to donating more in the future!

Gave 40.00 hours between 07/06/2020 and 07/08/2020 with The One Orangeburg County Team
Maurice Moore

Experience was very easy. The website was easy to navigate.

Gave 40.00 hours between 07/01/2020 and 08/01/2020
Dana'Ja Gore

I donated to the Black Lives Matter movement to support and continue the fight to end white supremacy. We as the black community must work together to continue to fight until our voices are heard. The Black Lives Matter movement will continue until black lives finally matter.

Donated $40 between 06/30/2020 and 07/31/2020
Tamara Hudson
Faithe Stallings

I followed the CU Career Development Instagram page to stay updated on Claflin's latest career events and posts. The flyer states one follow will receive one hour of community service.

Gave 1.00 hour on 04/12/2020
Quintaraia Williams
jamila wright
Tristen Keuchler

Getting the vaccine earlier this year was not bad at all. The needle was long though and my arm did hurt for two days. The after effects of the shot I got was just drowsiness. Overall getting vaccinated was the safest and smartest thing to do for me.

Gave 4.00 hours between 04/04/2020 and 05/07/2021
jamila wright
jamila wright
jamila wright
jamila wright