Claflin University HV Manning Library


The mission of the H.V. Manning Library at Claflin University is to support and supplement the teaching-learning program of the institution at all levels. 

It performs this function by providing materials in various formats for use by students and faculty in their studies,instruction and research. In doing so, it takes into account the fact that learning is a multifaceted process that encompasses diverse tools, methods and participants.

The Library caters to the information needs of all learning programs, including distance learning and continuing education. As an educational resource, the Library extends its services to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community. A basic responsibility at the heart of the Library's mission is to teach skills in the use of the Library. Through bibliographic instruction, it seeks to equip students with knowledge necessary to retrieve information from both traditional and modern technological sources. The Library strives to be an active element in the teaching-learning process of the institution.

16 People | 55 Impacts | 227 Hours | 6,479 Total Economic Impact