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Variety's Peaceable Kingdom Volunteers



You can make a difference! Variety's Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children (VPK)is a great place for individual volunteer experiences! We have year-round and one day or project based opportunities to serve children from all over Texas.

As the flagship program for Variety, the Children’s Charity of Texas, it is our mission at Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom to empower children through nature and adventures. As a volunteer for this organization, you will embody this empowerment by setting the example for our students and campers. Alongside our staff you will encourage and empower the children of Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom to believe in themselves.

Every volunteer role is important and makes a difference!  From the day-to-day duties that help the retreat operate, to the larger than life moments with children you will work with, your impact will be vast.  Despite how it may feel you are making the same amount of difference when you wash dishes as when you guide a child with visual differences through low ropes, when you are folding the 1,000th towel that day as when you hand a child in a wheelchair one of our special mini golf putters.  Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom exists in all of its richness only because of what volunteers like yourself do for the organization.  

Please take a look at the available volunteer opportunities. If you sign up for a volunteer shift, please know we are counting on you to show up! All volunteers must have a signed liability waiver and those working working directly with children or when children are present at the retreat, must have a current Child Abuse Training Completion Certificate from VPK and an annual criminal background check completed. Volunteer assignments will designate when these credentials are mandatory. If you are interested in these opportunities, please email for credentialing.

From the bottom of our hearts here at Variety, thank you for your time, thank you for your energy, and thank you for your heart for the incredible children we serve each day.  

Variety's Peaceable Kingdom Staff

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