Student Success and Retention



The Student Success and Retention Programs (SSRP) is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the number and percentage of students retained at the University. The Student Success and Retention Programs serve as a point of entry for all new students, beginning with summer orientation. The Program consists of a comprehensive network of retention and other support services through six components: (1) New Student Orientation, (2) University 101, (3) Academic Support Services, and Student Support Services.



The goal of the Student Success and Retention Programs is to chart a course of success for each student from “orientation to graduation.” The Program is undergirded by the philosophy that all students can succeed, especially with the appropriate academic and social support.



In an effort to provide intrusive and student-centric programming, the staff of the Student Success and Retention Program works cohesively with university constituents to:



  1. Encourage an increase in the percentage of students who are retained from freshman year to sophomore year.
  2. Support the overall retention of students over a four year period.
  3. Promote programs to foster, and increase in student persistence through graduation.
  4. Recommend strategies to improve customer service to students and other constituents.
  5. Analyze retention trends and make recommendations for institutional response and change.


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