CANCELLED VERSION International Character Jamboree

Open Opportunity
This event has been cancelled.


This inaugural event will be multi-day celebration of our stories and the various cultures of our community. It will showcase music, the arts, crafts, foods and history of each other.  Its purpose is to educate, enjoy and celebrate, with respect, our differences (recognizing that we are more alike than unalike). Items being addressed include exhibits and crafts; music; arts; dance; demonstrations; presentations; world market (food and merchandise vendors); film/theatre/performance arts; a ‘smart mob' (a planned flash mob utilizing social media to engage others and prompt change) or creation of a ‘unity circle'.

Enjoy and celebrate, with respect, our differences recognizing that we are more alike than unalike. 

 Enrich the community with a celebration of our stories and various cultures

 Educate the community and our neighbors about the historical achievements and artistic expressions of related local and global cultures while developing character through an appreciation of each other

 Develop culture and tourism, as well as enhance economic development by growing our reputation as a premier destination for living, working, learning, shopping and playing.

 Share information about character traits that demonstrate that ‘we are more alike than unalike'

 Improve and build relationships (through both the planning and execution of the event)

 Support Orangeburg County Community of Character

When you experience and learn about others and the value of character, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and respect for those around you.  

Our work is geared to reach all.

So many things make up our character. Social and emotional skills, soft skills, noncognitive traits and habits, life skills and mindset are some elements of character. And these elements are key to our success in everything we do. Moral character is what we have that reflects our core ethical values. Performance character enables us to act on our ethical values to make a difference. Relationship development that brings about our best self. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Plans are currently "on hold".

NOTE: Youth and college students do not sign up here.  Youth and college students submit requests for approval under "Service Learning (College Students)".  

Organizer will approve registrants