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Black Market Expo

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018


Positions0 Remaining
Registration OpensRegistration Opened
Registration ClosesAny time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
Black Wall Street is hosting an on-campus small business expo that will feature student-operated businesses as well as businesses from the local community.  This event is being hosted as part of the School of Business's Business Week celebration.

Location: 300 College Street, Belcher Hall, Room 205, Orangeburg, SC 29117

Shifts (34)

Set up Crew2:00pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)0/2Over
Black Wall Street Table2:30pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Registration shift2:30pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)0/2Over
Vendor Liaison2:30pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table3:00pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Registration shift3:00pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison3:00pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table3:30pm (ET)4:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Registration shift3:30pm (ET)4:00pm (ET)2/2Over
Vendor Liaison3:30pm (ET)4:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table4:00pm (ET)4:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift4:00pm (ET)4:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Vendor Liaison4:00pm (ET)4:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table4:30pm (ET)5:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Registration shift4:30pm (ET)5:00pm (ET)3/2Over
Vendor Liaison4:30pm (ET)5:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table5:00pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift5:00pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Vendor Liaison5:00pm (ET)5:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table5:30pm (ET)6:00pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift5:30pm (ET)6:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison5:30pm (ET)6:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table6:00pm (ET)6:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift6:00pm (ET)6:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison6:00pm (ET)6:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table6:30pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift6:30pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison6:30pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table7:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift7:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison7:00pm (ET)7:30pm (ET)1/2Over
Black Wall Street Table7:30pm (ET)8:00pm (ET)2/2Over
Registration shift7:30pm (ET)8:00pm (ET)1/2Over
Vendor Liaison7:30pm (ET)8:00pm (ET)1/2Over